A restaurant solely dedicated to avocados? Now we hear it out loud we can’t BELIEVE it wasn’t a thing before.

Avobar will be opening in London’s Covent Garden at the end of the year – and it’s set to be every millennials dream come true.

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The permanent restaurant will offer an avocado-based menu that can be ordered to eat in or takeaway. Dishes include the likes of eggplant fries with avocado dip, good ol’ avo on toast and some new plates too.

Avocado lovers can get their fix all day everryday – as they have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

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As if this didn’t already sound like the ultimate ‘grammable place – the venue is set to feature loadsa living plant walls and minimal decor. Now THINK of the feed.

All this talking ’bout our fave green goodness is kicking in our cravings…bring on December!

Photo Credit: Instagram/ GIPHY