by Katie Forrester 

What To Eat To Get Happy That Isn't A 14

Ever heard the phrases ‘emotional eating’ or ‘hangry’? There’s no denying that we all have a relationship with the food we eat, but is there such a thing iRL as a ‘happy meal’?

It’s all in the science

Find me a girl that says chocolate doesn’t make her happy? Nope? Thought so. We know our $h!t when it comes to cocoa and cacao and the pleasure it brings. We can even reel off the facts about the serotonin and endorphins it releases too. But did you know these feel good hormones can also be found in the capsaicin in chilli’s or the smell of lavender and vanilla?

Pass me a cupcake and bring on the buzz!

Comfort eating

Comfort eating gives us that warm feeling inside that creates the emotional connection with our food we crave again and again. For me there’s nothing more comforting than a beige meal when you’re hungover AF and the carbs don’t count. #foodcoma

But here it’s about finding the balance and ensuring we don’t overeat, otherwise a well-earned treat can become a regular guilty pleasure.

Celebratory brunching

Certain foods bring back memories and stimulate emotions of happiness but technically it’s usually why and where we eat it and who we eat it with that provides this sense of comfort. Street food at festivals, doughnuts at the fair or an ice cream on holiday are foods we associate with a happy occasion shared with the squad. Celebrating food is part of our culture and being social is when we’re at our happiest.

Sensual scoffing
Our senses can be overwhelmed by the sight, smell, taste, look and sound of food and when you tick all 5 boxes our enjoyment is significantly heightened.

That vison of grilled cheese oozing, sound of popcorn kernals popping and the smell of freshly baked bread have our sensations aroused to the max.

Happy and Healthy

Enjoying our food isn’t all about the calorific treats being passed around on birthdays and at Christmas. Some tactful choices to your everyday diet will contribute some natural mood lifters!

Our favourite google-friendly foods are;

‘Berries regulate mood swings’
‘Quinoa and the anti-depressant affects’
‘Green Tea has natural calming antioxidants’
‘Salmon Omega 3 happy fats’


Image credit: Unsplash