If you’re the type of person who wants to inhale errrrything when you’re hungover, hi. Because McDonalds in NZ have outdone themselves with what could be the best cure.


Because for $40 you get all of the above. It’s no joke. At current exchange rates, that works out at just over £20, which is basically the best bargain we’ve ever seen.

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As an official breakdown, you get the following goodness:
2 x Big Macs
2 x McChickens
2 x Cheeseburgers
4 x Medium Fries
4 x Medium Soft Drinks
4 x Regular Sundaes

We’re just dreaming of this, some joggers and a movie marathon TBH. So c’mon McDonalds UK, let’s make this a thing over here pls?


Image credit: McDonalds

GIF source: Giphy