Where would every girl gang be without the mumma of the group? Here are the signs you’re the ultimate mother hen of your squad…

 monica geller GIF

1. You know that any of life’s little problems can be solved by the simple act of sticking the kettle on

2. Your idea of the perfect night in consists of a single glass of wine and bed by 9PM

3. When it comes to organisation you’ve managed to inherit the Monica Gellar gene

4. You’re the event planner of the group – your annual summer getaway basically wouldn’t happen without you, and no birthday celebration would be complete without your little games and activities thrown into the mix

5. Need some painkillers? Sanitiser? Lip balm? Lemme just pull it out of my Mary Poppins-esque bag for you

6. The only reason why you still go out clubbing is so you can be the designated driver for your babes and make sure they get home safely

7. You’re proud of your BFF’s achievements no matter how great or small. Hooked up with a hottie? You go slay girl! Got a promotion at work? Let’s crack out the prosecco and celebrate

8. You’re always there to be a shoulder to cry on and to give out advice, even when it’s 3AM and you’re finally asleep after a week long bout of insomnia

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