Don’t be fooled by the crown, it turns out Her Maj is more badass than we ever thought…

When she took to the wheel in a hoodie

They see her rollin’, they hatin’


Image source: The Sun/Jim Bennett


When she featured in The Olympic James Bond sketch

Outshining Daniel Craig? Nailed it


When she accidentally photobombed a selfie at The Commonwealth Games

Bet that got a few likes


 Image source: twitter/_jaydetaylor

When she showed Prince Philip who’s boss

It’s reported that not long after they married, the pair headed to Rome for her birthday. She asked for no fuss yet he organised a grand party. To show her fume, she refused to speak to him for days. Ouch


When she labelled beige as a little basic

“I can’t wear beige because people won’t know who I am”

*Removes every beige piece of clothing from wardrobe*


She doesn’t need a passport

Or a Driver’s License. And who else has their own tube line?


She has the best ‘I’m done here’ signals

If she wants to bail on a bash, her maj simply has to place her handbag on the table. No awkward excuses about having to wash her hair/feed the dog we don’t have



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