In case you didn’t know, today marks #NationalKindnessDay – a day created in honour of Princess Diana. From offering someone your last French fry to telling your work wife she looks fire, here are a few ways to spread the love today…

1. Give someone a compliment

It can go a long way and it’s always nice to brighten someone’s day, right?

2. Give up your seat

On the, bus, tube, train – whatever form of public transport it is! If you see someone who has a baby on board or just looks like they need to take the weight off their feet, offer them yours!

3. Smile at a stranger

(No, not in a creepy way) You might even get a smile back!

4. Donate to charity or a food bank

Those clothes that you never wear anymore or the tin of beans you keep as a back-up dinner could have a happy home with someone who needs them – donate!

5. Lend a hand

If you see someone struggling, offer to help them with their shopping or bags.

6. Be kind to yourself

Be both verbally and mentally kind to yourself. Self-detox is key! Make sure you’re free from negative and toxic energy, vibes and relationships. Positive thoughts create positive surroundings!

GIF source: Giphy