Mean Girls Memory Lane

So the rumours are true  – Tina Fey (who wrote the screenplay for the film don’tcha know) has confirmed Mean Girls: The Musical is ON.

There’s a reason why this iconic film shaped our childhood from the epic one-liners to wearing pink on Wednesdays and only being able to wear our hair in a pony once a week…okay so we didn’t keep them ALL up.

But right now we’re taking a walk down memory lane, or North Shore high school to be precise, on the style commandments the sassy four taught us.

Get in loser, we’re going SHOPPING

Mean Girls Memory Lane

Then: Thou Shalt Wear Pink On Wednesdays

The ultimate girly colour, how else do you spot your squad from the crowd unless you’re in varying shades of the sugar sweet hue?!

Now:  “Does it come in black?”

“Don’t you wear colour?” they ask. Of course. Slate, charcoal, and grey marl. Variety is the spice of life.

Mean Girls Memory Lane

Thou Shalt Wear Sportswear As Fashion

Considering  The Plastics barely lifted a finger come P.E, this was the closest the crew got to ‘sports luxe.’ Of course it still incorporated pink, the crew’s uniform colour.

Now:  Sports Luxe Is Bigger Than Ever

Tracksuits aren’t saved for the treadmill, baseball caps are cool once more and backpacks aren’t just for the school playground. This is one trend we can definitely dig out of the archives…

Mean Girls Memory Lane

Then: Thou Shalt Wear An Outrageous ‘All Eyes On Me’ Outfit

Wanna impress that hot guy from school? Satin and bodycon’s a ‘do’ right? Newly crowned Queen B Cady opted for this barely there bandeau dress when trying to win Aaron Samuels. Throw in a un-matching bra that was constantly on show and you have a winning combo.

Now:  Bodycon Is Still Booming

Thanks to Hervé Léger and the array of celeb fans that got on board, bodycon remains big among the going out scene. As for underwear, it’s out.

Mean Girls Memory Lane

Then: Thou Shalt Never Wear Trousers

We’re guessing Mean Girls was mainly set around summer because the span of skirts across the film suggests so. We’re talking short, possibly pleated and combined with a killer heel.

Now:  Let Your Trousers Do The Talking

Whilst we still flirt with skirts, the trousers are where it’s at, from jeans to cigarette shapes and paperbag to harem – the options are endless and require less leg shaving = win.

Mean Girls Memory Lane

Thou Shalt Always Make An Entrance 

So what if it’s the school corridor, every street’s a catwalk right? Sure your outfit may be more club than classroom but that’s fashion baby. Who could hide a statement halter dress in the back of your wardrobe or deny a pastel mini skirt?

Now:  We’d Probably Do A J-Law

2016 is the year we ditch the expectation and look to the reality. Forget the wind blowing in our hair, we’d probably end up tripping a la Jennifer Lawrence at The Oscars.

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