Reasons to Marry Your Barista

He knows…

How you take your coffee, in fact he is usually already making it for you when you see him in the morning. And he gets it right every time.

He listens

All those non-fat, no foam, extra hot requests have trained his ear to an almost non human degree. Not only does he hear everything you say, he remembers too.  Like when it was your work party the night before and he had already told you looked great (when you really didn’t) and asked about your night before you even ordered.

Reasons to Marry Your Barista

He encourages you to try new things

From the newly imported roast to the juice blend he’s just invented or the breakfast special that he’s sure you’ll love – he injects a sense of adventure to your daily routine.

He’s loyal

Day in, day out he’s always there for you. OK, so occasionally he might be sick or have a day off but we’re talking like 71% loyalty (if you include bank holidays and annual leave). Plus, if you go out with him, he’s gonna be available to you round the clock.


Reasons to Marry Your Barista

He keeps you up all night

With caffeine people! But still, when you have a major deadline to hit – there he is with your fix, just the way you like it; What a hero!