by Katie Love

10 People You Meet On Facebook

Facebook feeds are all full of all kinds of people (and faces) but no matter what feed you’re scrolling through, you’ll always come across these people…

1. The Foodie

Breakfast, lunch & dinner, this friend will be spamming your feed with every meal, snack & happy hour Boomerang they have to offer!

2. The Traveller

Checking in has never been so easy for this one. They’ve definitely caught the travel bug and always on the go (making you v. jealous in the process)

3. The Selfie Queen

Oh, isn’t she flawless? This one is the Queen of Selfie-dom and updates her profile picture at least once a week. Forget ‘likes’, these days it’s all about the ‘love’!

4. The Liker

Big up that you one friend who you don’t really know but likes every single one of your posts a.k.a, your one-man fan club. You the real MVP.

5. The Happy Couple

From meals to days out with bae, they capture it all and give you all kinds of #couplegoals. (No, you’re jealous.)

6. The Quoter

Forget selfies – memes & quotes fill this timeline. And apart from the daily dose of inspo, trying to read between the lines and discover if they’ve broken up with their S.O (again) only adds to the fun.

7. The Mum

Kids in the park, kids on the beach, kids at the dinner table having something to eat – you know how it goes. Once you like one, you’ve gotta persevere and like them all. Commit or quit.

8. The Pet Mum

Whether it’s their cat sat in the bath or dog dressed in a Christmas jumper this gal loves her furry pals and wants you to love them too.

9. The Comedian

Another shout out to the one who floods your feed with hilarious videos and bring joy to your daily commute.

10. The Tagger

They understand you in a way that no one else does and you communicate via memes. The tagger finds content strictly tailored to you – thank you.