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Are you a true social media queen who’s always scrollin’ and living for the gram? You’ll deffo be guilty of one (or more) of these signs…


1. The first thing you do when you wake up is grab your phone

Your insta, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are all religiously checked for notifications or any hot goss you’ve missed whilst you’ve been snoozing.



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2. Every occasion is a photo opportunity 

Every birthday, christening, night/day out – you name it, is the perfect accuse for a piccy for social media. Did the event EVEN happen if you didn’t post a photo of you with a tagged location on the gram? No my friend, it didn’t.


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3. You wanna check your phone whilst you’re at work

You practically itch at your desk wanting to refresh your feeds but your boss is sitting right behind you. Is it worth the risk? 100%, and your excuse – ‘customer research’, ofc.


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4. You take your phone into the bathroom with you

Admit it – you take your phone into the toilet with you so you don’t miss out on anything.


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 5. You waste so much of your life on your phone

You find you can scroll through your feeds and lose about 2 hours of your time watching hair and make-up tutorials and dogs doing gymnastics. Whoops.


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6. You have so many random people on your social channels

OH LOOK A NOTIFICATION – It’s a person who I met once in a bathroom on a drunken night out’s birthday today.


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7. Your super clued up on all the celeb gossip

Your outstanding knowledge of the Kardashian’s stems all from social media, lets be real.


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8. You re-check all your feeds right before going to sleep

Like a ritual, you’ll check your feeds late at night to check if you’ve missed anything off. And repeat…


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