Hands up if you’re a hoarder? Well lucky for you, I can say ‘same’ so here are some tips and tricks to sort your lives out and ditch the clutter.


1. Don’t Put It off

Essential starting point. Clear an afternoon or a day to declutter, and actually stick to it…


2. Keep A Space For Receipts

Don’t toss ’em straight away. Okay, so a meal deal – fair play, but anything of value – keep. You might need to return something, or if you get over-charged without realising, it’s proof.


3. Store Away Seasonal Clothing

Your ‘drobe will change dramatically each season so in a bid to not live in clutter, store away the clothes you don’t need so you can see clearly focus on what fire outfits you’ve got.


4. Ask Yourself These Questions

Do you use it?

Does it have a purpose?

Is it of sentimental value?

If the answer is no, get rid.


5. Or If That Fails, Get The Squad Round

Struggling to let go of things? Call the girls to help you make those decisions. Even add a glass of wine. It’ll make the whole thing a hell of a lot more fun.


6. Have Weekly Clear Through Slots

Don’t let the clutter build up. So set aside 30 minutes every week to go through any admin or mess in your house.


7. Assess What You’re Actually Using

Be realistic. Really realistic. If you haven’t made use of something in six months, chances are it’s not needed. Endless cables for electricals chilling in a box you never touch? You probably don’t need them. Rows of books you never read – keep hold of your faves and donate the rest to charity.



Image credit: Unsplash