by Clare Evans

Healthy Snacks Your Desk Drawer Needs

Anyone who works in an office will know they’re a dangerous place for a waistline.

It’s nearly ALWAYS someone’s birthday which means there’s ALWAYS cake or that one person offering a bag of doughnuts round and you tell yourself one won’t hurt.

Which means keeping your sweet tooth in check and Operation: Bikini Bod on plan isn’t easy when your work is snack central, but I think I’ve found the solution. Enter the healthy desk draw snacks that are actually super yummy, will give you that hit of sugar and keep you going all day long:

Snack 1: Fruit & Nut Bars

If you’re looking for a sweet hit that won’t break the diet, these are your. Made of nothing more than fruit and nuts mushed together – they make the perfect snack come 11am.
Oh, and did I mention they’re one of your five a day!? #winning!

Snack 2: Popcorn

Step away from the crisps and say hello to your new healthy desk snack essential. This guilt-free treat is gluten-free and comes in at around 130 calories a bag. 

Snack 3: Flapjacks

Flapjacks get a bad rep and it’s not surprising when their ingredients consist of mostly syrup and butter. Not these ones. Made from mashed bananas, oats and milk, they’re gooey and chewy and you can add in anything from berries, peanut butter, cacao powder or raisins to make them extra yummy. 

Snack 4: Olives

Satisfy a savoury tooth with no prep involved. Sorted. 

Snack 5: Apple & Peanut Butter

Quick, easy and tasty AF. 

Image credit: Unsplash