After interning at boohoo HQ for the past year, these are the ultimate lessons I took away with me…

1. Be Organised
If you want to come across like the girl boss you are, organisation is key. Whether it’s being on time to that yawn-inducing meeting or just having a super tidy (and Insta-worthy) desk, organisation will always leave a good impression.

2. Be Nice
Spread kindness like it’s confetti. Whoever you meet along the way, it’s nice to be nice.

3. Ask Questions
If you ask questions, your passion and interest will shine through. Ask questions about anything and everything and you’ll (hopefully) finish your internship with a whole loada knowledge too.

4. Write EVERYTHING Down
And when I say everything, I mean everything. Five notepads later and you’ll thank yourself for it.

5. Mistakes Are Lessons
Don’t get too downhearted when you make a mistake. Realise that you’re only human and you’re there to learn and learning happens when mistakes are made.

6. Work Hard
Whether you’re working on a project for the big boss or making a cup of tea, make sure it’s a damn good cup of tea – everyone likes a good tea-maker.

7. Everyone has to start somewhere
If you are making cups of tea, remember that everyone has to start somewhere and even your senior colleagues probably did this at some point too.

8. Have Initiative
Try to answer your own questions if you’re stuck. Look back at all those notes you made in those five different notepads. If all else fails, Google it.

9. Speak Up
Have a great idea? Voice it! You’ll get a lot of respect for it.

10. Have Fun
Learn, network and work hard but don’t forget to have fun! You’ll meet some amazing people who’ll make you laugh until your stomach hurts (trust me, boohoo HQ is full of them).

Photo Credit: Instagram