by Katy Love

How To Make The Most Of The Last Days Of Winter...

The first day of spring is on its way and we are ready AF. But in case you’re not quite ready to bid winter a farewell, here’s a list of things to do to make the most of it…

Movie Day 

Sure, you can have a film day anytime of the year but it’s all the more cosy when it’s raining outside and you’re in a duvet burrito with a box of chocolates within arm’s length?

A Winter Walk

Don your boots and head out in the cold for a crisp, fresh walk to blow off any cobwebs. 

Grab A Coffee

There’s nothing better than watching the world go by with a grande latte, right? Bonus points for warming your cold hands up, too. 

Have Some Me-Time

Make the most of your home comforts with a night of TLC to beat the winter blues.

Get Planning

Summer plans are made in the winter so get planning!

Image credit: Unsplash