CALLING ALL LEO GALS! You’re birthday is happenin’ and it’s time to party – but that isn’t the only thing we all have in common. You know you’re a Leo when…

1. You’re always the leader of any situation 

Leo’s natural charisma makes them a born leader. You own situations like the boss chick you are!


2. You love to be the centre of attention

You’ve gotta leave a strong first impression with anyone you meet and show them your sassy side


3. You’re the one with the creative flair 

Leo’s are all about expressing their creative talent, with a career in acting or entertainment being right up your street. Ready for our close up?! Yassss


4. Your girls are srsly important to you 

Your squad come first and you’ve ALWAYS got their backs


5. You’re always on the go

Your friends find it hard to keep up with you and your diary’s always jam-packed!


6. You’re super sensitive to others

Despite what people think, Leo’s are very tender-hearted. You’ll always be a shoulder to cry on


7. You get sh*t done!

People love working with Leos as they never start a project they can’t finish

8. You’re a complete romantic

Leos are fire signs, which makes you have aalllll the passion. It’s safe to say you fall in love pretty quickly!

9. You’re not the best at being alone

Needy? Guilty. So you’ll wanna surround yourself with your squad or bae *awwww*


10. You say it how it is

You’re not one to shy away from an argument – you have opinions and you make them heard! Guess that’s why our sign is a lion right!?