10 Things You'll Only Know If You've Been BFFs For 10 Years

Let’s be honest, your BFF probably knows you better than you know yourself by this point!

1. Most of your conversations start with  “remember that time when…”

‘Cos your best memories have been with each other.

2. You can be brutally honest with each other

Yes, your skirt is a lil’ short, hun.

3. Silences aren’t awkward

You’re just as comfortable chatting away or sitting in silence and Insta-stalking her ex.

4. They’re your family

And what’s theirs is yours, too. Hey, second mum.

5. They’re always there for you

Even at 4AM when you’ve just drunk dialed and potentially ruined your life.

6. They give the best advice

Go on that date. Buy the shoes.

7. Birthdays are a breeze

‘Cos you know exactly what they want.

8. She makes you laugh

It’s called LOL for a reason when she’s around.

9. They’ve seen you through good times and bad times.

Including all of those fashion disasters…

10. Most importantly, you know you’ll be BFFs for another 10 years!