By Ella Rinder

Summer’s on its way out but whilst we’re waving goodbye to sunny days, cosy nights in officially on errryone’s radar. Here’s the Netflix series that will keep you going…

Stranger Things

Sci-fi horror series Stranger Things is releasing a second season after everyone went cray-cray for the first. You can follow Will’s struggle in the land of the Stranger Things and learn exactly where Eleven went to…*EEEEE*



A brand new series, Atypical, is coming to Netflix next month and we’re super excited to give it a try. The series follows the life of an 18-year-old who is on the autism spectrum – showing his struggles with life and talking to girls.


Fuller House

Fuller House is releasing season 3 of the series this month – if you wanna catch up, yo’ better get moving! With family BBQS, weddings, babies and teen romances, this series gives ’em a bit of everything.



A second series of Riverdale will be back in October and we have never been MORE ready. Expect drama, scandal, love interests and drooling over Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa on the regular. SIGH…


Photo Credit: Netflix and Instagram