Signs You’re The Sassy Girl Of Your Group

1. You’re the queen of one liners

You have a witty response for everything. Flames.

2. You speak your mind at all times

You’ve been straight-talking since day one.

3. You don’t care what people think

Ain’t nobody got time to please everyone.

4. Sarcasm is your first language


5. You don’t mess about

Getting sh*t done is a walk in the park.

6. You never admit you’re wrong

Never ever.

7. Your eyebrows are ALWAYS on fleek


8. You’ve got a serious case of RBF

You’re smiling on the inside, promise.

9. You don’t chase anyone

They come to you, obvs!

10. You’re the life of the party

Once they’ve seen passed your RBF everyone wants to be your BFF.