By Ettie Stevenson

It’s the New Year, you’ve made it through 2016 (finally) but now it’s time to leave some trends and attitudes back in 2016. From the deep to the just plain mad, let’s say goodbye to the most ridiculous things we found ourselves doing in 2016. Time to get a move on and start 2017 #FreshAF

1. Living inside your phone

We all do it, a minute of boredom and within seconds we find ourselves on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s an addiction! It’s time to get back in control of our lives and surpress the urge to check social media ever spare minute. 

5 Things To Give Up In 2017

2. Being hard on yourself

You’re doing the best you can. Slay gurl slay! 2017 is the year to love yourself, more self-love than self-hate. Keep those selfies coming and release your inner Kanye.

5 Things To Give Up In 2017

3. 100 layers challenge

 YouTubers went mad for this. But let’s face it the 100 layers of lipstick made us viewers physically gag and although the 100 layers of highlighter did make us envious of that GLOW it was way too much IRL.

5 Things To Give Up In 2017

4. Flat boots

Still desperately clinging on to wearing your old biker boots? Ditch em’ and bring in more exciting shoes. Block heels and pointy toes… 2017 means business!

5. Contouring all over

2016 may have been the year we all became beauty obsessed wannabe make-up artists but some of us went too far. Remember that vid where a whole body was contoured? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

5 Things To Give Up In 2017

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