We have watched so many couples in Love Island get it on… then have a huge fall out… then claim their love for each other and get back together over the last 6 weeks *ahem, Liv and Chris*, but one couple have stayed strong and given us ALL the friendship goals. Ofc we had to put together a list of all the times Chris and Kem’s bromance made our hearts melt…

1.  When they told each other something EVERYONE loves to hear…

Srsly, how cute was this?

Chris’ best man speech is something the world NEEDS to witness! 🎩 #LoveIsland

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2.  When Kem told Chris how it feels without him there… LOST FYI.

As well as looking after the poorly polar bear

Chris and Kem’s bromance is too beautiful for words 😢 #LoveIsland

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3.  When things got a lil’ weird but somehow still managed to be cute…

They deffo took their relationship to the next level right?

4.  When Kem let Chris have his chance to shine…

even if it was just one line WE DON’T CARE

5.  When they gave twinning outfits a go..

We’re guessing that Dom was given an honorary membership for the evening..

6.  When they had all the cuddles in bed…

We could watch this all day errry’day

Who else loves the Chris and @kemcetinay bromance? 💙💚💛#loveisland #teamchris #bromance ☀️🏝💕

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7.  When they made us see our fave snack very differently…

Petition to give these two a record contract ASAP

Chris and Kem set to be the next big thing in the music industry? 💯🚫 #LoveIsland

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8.  When Chris looked unbelievably happy to be getting a Kem forehead kiss…


9.  When they had matching painted nails…

Long gone are the days of friendship bracelets

10.  When they just generally made all our hearts melt with how cute they are

which is pretty much all the time



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