We’re not ready to face the fact that Love Island is over… what the HELL are we gonna do with our evenings now? Serious withdrawal symptoms are gonna start but until then we’re gonna reminisce over all our fave moments…

1. Chris and Kem’s ultimate bromance

We know this isn’t just one moment but how could we not have this as our no.1, there’s been SO many times we’ve fallen head over heels for these boys and their relationship. If they could couple up and win that would be the dream right?

2. When the boys formed a rap group

Even if Chris only got one line, this moment was too much. Petition for someone to sign them ASAP!?

3. When Cam got her movie moment

Our hearts completely melted when we watched Camilla FINALLY find her man, and we’re not gonna lie – Jamie can do the dirty dancing lift with us any day of the week

Camilla really is having the time of her life! #LoveIsland

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4. When Chris cried over becoming a dad to Cash Hughes

Well this took Chris and his cuteness to a WHOLE new level


Chris the polar bear’s heart has 100% melted πŸ’—πŸ‘Ά #LoveIsland

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5. Every weird challenge the Islanders were forced into…

The strip tease was DEFINITELY our fave

6. Every time Marcel pretended to not wanna tell anyone who he was…


7. When Casa Amore bought SO much drama to the villa

Love Island totally stepped it up this year and we couldn’t believe this one

8. When Camilla was, well, not Camilla anymore

We’re pretty sure our jaws weren’t the only ones dropping to the floor

9. The return of Muggy Mike

We hate to admit we loved seeing this return to the villa, and when he started planning pay back on Liv, things were about to get interesting

10. When Stomzy crashed the villa…

The excitement on the boys faces was TOO much

That moment when @stormzyofficial stormz the villa… #LoveIsland

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11. When Liv introduced us to a new word…

Mind. Blown.

12. When Marcel made the whole of the UK fall in love with him

He knows what every gal wants to hear

And the award for most romantic speech ever goes to Marcel! πŸ’›πŸ€— #LoveIsland

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13. Every time Montana snacked through every argument

She’s got her priorities right

14. When Kem and Amber finally got serious

We are officially converted and totally love these two as a couple!

15. When the girls went on an undercover mission

We’ve gotta hand it to you gals, you were seriously convincing


We could go on and on as there were far too many moments we loved this series, but for now we’re just gonna go cry into our pillows about the fact it is the LAST episode tonight… *sob sob*