Not feeling headin’ out? Ditch the dress and have a cosy night in with the squad with these scary films to get your spook on.

1. Halloween – 1978

What would any Halloween be without the original Michael Myers film? Expect tense music and a whole lotta slashing.


2. The Strangers – 2008

Liv Tyler stars as one half of a couple taking vacation in a remote house that gets terrorised by three masked strangers.


3. A Nightmare On Elm Street – 2010

The remake of the 90s classic horror film. Because if you thought you were safe when you’re asleep – think again.


4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacare – 2003

Another remake, this time sees Jessica Biel and her squad fall victim to a chainsaw-wielding maniac.


5. The Orphanage – 2007

A Spanish horror well worth the watch – Laura brings her son to her old home, which happens to be an ex-orphanage. Oh and her son starts communicating with invisible friends. Yep. Keep those lights on.


6. The Boy – 2016

A nanny is flown in to mind a couple’s son whilst they’re away. Nothing strange about that until their son is actually a doll. And he comes with strict rules…


7. The Ring – 2002

It’s a classic for a reason. You’ll die seven days after watching the videotape. Burn your TV.


8. Sinister 2 – 2015

It ain’t called sinister for nothing. A young boy is led astray by dark forces intent on harming his family.


9. The Conjuring – 2013

Paranormal investigators are brought in to help rid a family of a spirit haunting their house.


10. The Silence Of The Lambs – 1991

When you’ve got Antony Hopkins and Jodie Foster in one film – you know you’re onto a winner.


11. The Visit – 2015

A week away to visit grandma and granddad – pretty standard. But not when their behaviour becomes anything but…


12. The Others – 2001

An oldie but a goodie, The Others sees Nicole Kidman become increasingly paranoid her family home is haunted.


13. Scream – 1996

Where ghostface stemmed from, Scream sees a stellar cast including Drew Barrymore try to escape death from a masked killer.

14. Hush – 2016

A deaf writer becomes the target of a masked killer’s games. Because yes, she also lives in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

15. The Exorcist – 1973

Dubbed one of the most iconic horrors of all time, The Exorcist sees a young girl possessed by the devil as two priests try to save her.

16. Paranormal Activity – 2009

Whether you’re a fan of the franchise or not, this is where it all began…

17. Jeepers Creepers – 2001

Justin Long drives into bad luck (literally) after catching a flesh-eating creature in the middle of no good.

18. Saw – 2004

One for the gory-hunters out there – join Jigsaw’s twisted games and see why people still can’t enough of the films.

19. Mama – 2012

A couple take in their two nieces but it’s not just them that’s in the house. Mama’s latched onto them too.

20. The Purge – 2013

Once a year for twelve hours, all crime is legal. Cue one family’s night of hell as their house and lives are put at risk to the world outside.

21. The Hills Have Eyes – 2006

One that’ll have you avoiding driving through the desert for a good while. A group of friends are captured by the psychotic locals.

22. The Amityville Horror – 2005

Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George star in the remake of the famous film that sees them terrorised by a past mass murder that took place in their very own home.

23. Insidious – 2010

After their son falls into a tragic coma, Patrick Wilson and his family are under the clock to save him from the paranormal forces possessing the house.

24. 13 Ghosts – 2001

A family are left a unique glass house in a will to find their inheriting not only property but the 13 ghosts that come with it.

25. House Of Wax – 2005

Starring OTH heartthrob Chad Michael Murray, the film follows a group of friends that stumble across a town of waxwork figures that look disturbingly real…

26. The Omen – 2006

The 2006 remake sees Julia Stiles play the mother of a boy who she suspects is the devil himself.

27. The Woman In Black – 2012

Despite the gentle rating, this is one to get on your watch list. Plus it stars Harry Potter himself.

28. The Skeleton Key – 2005

Kate Hudson stars as a hospice nurse that discovers that all ain’t what it seems at the remote home.

29. Vacancy – 2007

Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale check into a motel to find once in their room, they’re about to become the next victims of a snuff film.

30. Final Destination – 2000

With an equal mix of thriller and horror, this film marks the start of the franchise of a group of friends that can cheat death after seeing how they’re meant to meet their end.