Seriously, what are we meant to do at 9pm every night now Love Island has come to an end?! Whether you were Team Kember, thought Garcel were the real deal, or lived for Cash Hughes, it’s all everyone has talked about for weeks. And now? It’s over. *Sob* If there’s a Love Island-shaped hole in your life right now, this is for you…

1.Book a holiday!

And then get vacay shopping! The Love Island girls gave us SRS bikini envy so you’ve got plenty of inspo. Sure 7 days isn’t quite the same as 7 weeks, but the break will help mend your broken heart!

2.Make your own Island!

Get a load of inflatables and put them up around your living room and shout “Guys, I’ve got a text!” every so often. It’ll be like your very own Love Island. Minus the 30 degree Spanish sunshine, that is…

3. Get followin’

Missing Kem and Chris’ bromance? Need a daily fix of Muggy Mike’s face? Follow the Islanders on the ‘gram and Snapchat to keep up with what they’re doing. With all the updates, you’ll easily be able to fill your evening following their lives.

4Bake Off’s Back

Put all your eggs in one basket – or bowl – and fill the Love Island shaped hole in your life with the Great British Bake Off. Everyone’s fave baking programme is due back on our screens at the end of summer and it’s gonna be more innuendo-filled than ever before! Crack on!

5. Feeling muggy?

Feeling totes mugged off about the whole thing? Spend your evenings admitting that summer is over and curl up with a mug of hot chocolate (with all the trimmings of course) and start planning your Christmas party outfits. Now THAT’S the kind of muggy we can all enjoy.

6. Take a trip down memory lane

ITV have seen that we’re a nation in mourning and answered our prayers by putting Love Island series 1 and 2 box sets online. That’s right, you can go back to the beginning and watch Olivia and Alex, Cara and Nathan, Luis and Cally and all the other ex-Islanders all over again. That’ll fill your evenings for at least another few months!