This week, we’re crushin’ on model and student, Natalie, who was one sixth of our babein Black Friday #ModSquad.

Friday Muse: Natalie Smith
Friday Muse: Natalie Smith

Here’s what went down when we asked her some of life’s big questions…

Friday Muse: Natalie Smith
Friday Muse: Natalie Smith

How did you get into modelling?

My friend’s older sister was studying photography at uni and she used to set up these cute little shoots. Eventually when I moved to Manchester to go to uni myself, my agency found my photos online and asked to meet me – yay! Almost three years ago now.

What’s been your fave modelling job?

Ah, that’s so difficult. They’re all so different and fun. I worked with NARS last summer for an event and that was great. Make-up artists honestly amaze me. I guess for me though it’s really about the people on set. So any shoot where you get a fab bunch of talented people, that’s my fave – like the #StopAndPop video we did! A day of laughing AND making something great.

Three words that describe me… Open-minded, ambitious, weird.

My style is… Weekdays: black- just black everything and quite plain. Maybe some grey and even white if I’m pushing the monochrome boat out. Weekends: sparkles on everything. Baby pink, baby blue, everything pastel coloured, shiny and glittery. Even on my face.

I really can’t live without… books. I’ve always read a lot but I’ve been reading almost three books a week since September and it makes me so happy. I secretly dream of being a librarian.

At the weekend I can be found… If I’m not with my friends/boyf being weird then I’ll mostly be reading books in bed in a duvet burrito.

My special skills are… eating an entire packet of quorn scotch eggs in one sitting, being cold 24/7, and making friends with people’s pets. Oh, and I’m actually quite good at baking.

I’m always talking about… the fact that I don’t have a kitten. It’s honestly not okay. I really need one.
The hashtag I always use is… I don’t use hashtags that much, I need to get into the habit of it. But when I do it’s probably #awkward … because lots of awkward things happen to me.

A word or phrase I overuse is… “I just want a kitten.”

Dress up or dress down for a night out?

If I’m home in Essex, it’s definitely dress up. But here in Manchester it’s more dress down but covered in glitter.

Trainers or heels? 


What’s your party trick? 

I used to be really good at headstands so I tried to do one at a house party at uni and obviously fell straight over and had to pretend I wasn’t in loads of pain. I don’t think that counts but it’s all I can think of.

Do you stay in or go out over Christmas? 

If I haven’t eaten too many leftovers and can actually move, then I like to go out on Boxing Day.

House party or club? 

Definitely house party. So much more funny stuff happens and you don’t have to queue at a bar!

Mates or dates? 

Aw, both.

What will you wear to go out over Christmas? 

I’ve got a really nice black velvet mini-dress that’s covered in glitter. I’ll pair it with some cute black heels and my fluffy black coat.

How do you deal with the marathon of happy hours, awkward dinners and a party list that doesn’t quit? Do you give up or go out? 

I think the key is to know when to go to bed! I’ve realised you can leave parties and nights out whenever you want, you don’t have to struggle through to the end if you know you’ve got loads to do the next day (or if you just really want to go get a cheesy garlic bread and sleep). Your friends will forgive you and love you for turning up.

Survival tips for going into work the day after a (Christmas) party/night out? 

It’s never going to be great, but recently I’ve noticed that if you completely ignore the fact you’re hungover, you actually feel better. Just keep repeating to yourself ‘I’m fine. I’m sooo fine.’ And it’s actually fine. If that doesn’t work then McDonald’s. For breakfast, lunch and dinner.