This week, we’re crushin’ on one sixth of our babein #ModelSquad, Belle. When she’s not busy student-ing at uni, she’s signed to J’Adore models in Manchester.

Friday Muse: Belle Reid
Friday Muse: Belle Reid

Here’s what went down when we asked her some of life’s big questions…

Friday Muse: Belle Reid
Friday Muse: Belle Reid

How did you get into modelling? 

I’m still quite new to it all – I was recently scouted by someone from J’adore. I never really thought it would go anywhere ‘cos of my height – I’m quite a bit smaller than most models, but the industry is changing now.

What’s been your fave modelling job?

I’d definitely say the most eventful was the Black Friday publicity stunt we did with you guys. It was such a funny day. Even with it raining, we all forgot about it and had a laugh. Meeting a lot of new people and making new friends is also something I enjoy about modelling. It’s really kickstarted my confidence.

Three words that describe me… Bubbly, definitely geeky sometimes and caring

My style is… something that changes day-to-day. I love playing with different outfits that have a tomboy edge but I also love experimenting with clothes that let me show off my girly side, too.

I really can’t live without… My family and two cats. There’s nothing better than coming home from uni to see them.

At the weekend I can be found… meeting up with friends and being productive. Or the one which I prefer most, hibernating in my room watching films and catching up on TV series.

My special skills are… being able to sing and dance. I’ve practiced ballet since the age of three and used to perform on stage for dance school showcases. I used to love performing when I was younger and would force my family into watching plays that I had made up myself – I don’t know how they stayed sane!

I’m always talking about… food or Harry Potter.

The hashtag I always use is… #sorrynotsorry, when I post countless pics of my cats. I have no shame… I am OBSESSED.

A word or phrase I overuse is …”fab” 100%.

Dress up or dress down for a night out?

I don’t really go out a lot so when I do, I love going for a really glam look. I find getting ready is the most exciting part of a night out sometimes; I love experimenting with new makeup buys.

Trainers or heels?

I’d like to say heels, but to be honest, I walk like a penguin after an hour in them. So definitely trainers.

What’s your party trick?

I learnt this illusion from my dad where I can make it look like my thumbs been chopped off and then reattach it back on again. Pretty strange, haha!

Do you stay in or go out over Christmas?

Christmas is 100% my fave season. There’s nothing that excites me more than decorating the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas songs and most of all, the return of Home Alone & The Grinch. Although, I love a good night out with friends or family at the Christmas Markets getting all wrapped up.

House party or club?

House party.

Mates or dates?

MATES, always.

What will you wear to go out over Christmas?

Faux fur coats, ear muffs, fluffy socks, hats and boots and last but not least, a bit of sparkle. You can’t not glitz it up over Christmas.

How do you deal with the marathon of happy hours, awkward dinners and a party list that doesn’t quit? Give up or go out? 

I say just go out. If it’s with company you enjoy and people you care about then why not. If not, maybe give that night out a miss…

Survival tips for going into work the day after a Christmas party/nightout?

I’m sure we’ve all had this problem, so you can guarantee you’ll be able to speak about the antics you got up to and laugh them off with a friend. Also, get that 1 litre water bottle at the ready to keep filling up throughout the day.

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