by Zhenya Nikolova

Nobody panic, but it’s Christmas in 11 days.. YES, the big day is less than two weeks away so if you haven’t got in the Christmas spirit, you need to jump on it. And what better way to get the festive feeling than having a night in with hot chocolate, marshmallows and a Home Alone marathon.

Yet, as much as we love a good old Christmas movie, you can’t deny they’ve given us just a few false expectations. From magical weather to making us think we’d find our very own Graham from The Holiday, here are some of the most unrealistic goals set by our fave festive films…

1. Love Actually

7 Unrealistic Goals We Got From Movies

Right, where do we begin? This movie is EVERYTHING. Let’s just take minute to appreciate the cast – Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Andrew Lincoln, Keira Knightly and (we’re actually tearing up now) Alan Rickman. Every second of this film is goals! If you said you didn’t dream of getting that ‘to me you are perfect’ message on Christmas Eve, you would be the biggest liar EVER. And if you never wished Hugh Grant was the real prime minister of the United Kingdom then…well there isn’t such an option.

2. The Holiday

7 Unrealistic Goals We Got From Movies

Nobody, I repeat, nobody can pull off glasses better than Jude Law- he is LOVELY! But Jude’s not the only character in the film making our hearts melt. Arthur is too adorable. How many times have you tried to make friends with your elderly neighbour since you’ve watched The Holiday but it always turns out that neighbour is actually a grumpy man who doesn’t even say MORNING back?

3. Home Alone

7 Unrealistic Goals We Got From Movies

Your mum tells you that the WHOLE family is getting together this year- from your grandparents to your second cousin’s boyfriend’s sister. Naturally, you start getting excited- you know how hard it is to get everyone together at this time of year. Yet while you hope for a big family trip to Paris, your grandma let’s slip this reunion is just gonna be in her living room. Great.

4. Home Alone 2 

7 Unrealistic Goals We Got From Movies

Miracles have been known to happen over Christmas and this year you’ve been hoping Mum & Dad will surprise you with your dream Xmas vacay to New York city. Sadly, this year it’s just York.

5. The Santa Clause 

7 Unrealistic Goals We Got From Movies

We may be too old, but we still like to think Santa is real- even if we know it’s dad. And this is exactly what happened in Santa Clause but then you look at your dad over Christmas and he doesn’t even have white beard so you just accept the fact that Santa isn’t even your dad- it’s your mum. Do dads’ even know how to do Christmas shopping?

6. Elf

7 Unrealistic Goals We Got From Movies

We couldn’t think of a more festive, funny and unrealistic film than Elf. Just admit it, you’ve considered eating spaghetti mixed in maple syrup and tons of chocolate and sweets?

7. Bridget Jones

7 Unrealistic Goals We Got From Movies

Drinking wine on your coach , ALL BY YOURSELF, singing to Celine and eating Ben and Jerry’s seems so appealing and exciting doesn’t it? But the reality is that Mr. Darcy isn’t a successful lawyer who likes you just the way you are, he still lives in his mum’s spare room and is doing a Masters.

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