Whoever said honesty is the best policy clearly had buns of steel. Being honest with your home girls can be pretty difficult sometimes, but like any relationship, a lack of it can cause bad vibes and ultimately harm your friendship. So when should you serve the T with your BFFs?

1. If they’re dating the wrong person.

And I don’t mean just because you find them a bit obnoxious. Telling one of you mates that you don’t like their S.O. is super tricky, but if they’re dating a scrub who is emotionally or physically abusive, then you need to speak up.

2. They’re being offensive.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of #banter, but sometimes it can get taken too far and end up hurting your feelings. So before you get revenge Blair Waldorf style, sit down and let them know how you feel.

3. You’re worried about them.

She’s acting out of character, she’s started drinking too much, she’s acting like a hot mess. There’s millions of reasons why you can worry about your friends, and it’s the good friends that step in and ask if everything is a-ok.


4. If you’re not okay.

I’m pretty guilty of bottling up my feelings, until three months later it all comes pouring out after too much wine. My friends always encourage me to tell them what’s up, and opening up makes you feel a helluva lot better almost instantly.


5. If they’re being a bad friend.

Whether they’re airing your Whatsapps, acting two faced, or they haven’t had your back, that kind of behaviour is never cool. It’s the friend’s worth having that own up to their mistakes when you’re honest with them.


6. If you’ve been a bad friend.

If you’ve done something pretty snakey behind a mate’s back, then you should own up immediately. Otherwise, they’ll hear about it Chinese whispers style, and some serious damage can be inflicted on your friendship.


7. If they have lipstick on their teeth.

Would Beyonce let Michelle and Kelly walk around with scarlet smiles? Hell no, because her posse was always on fleek.


8. When they look fabulous.

Nothing give us gals a self-esteem boost like when one of your besties tells you how fly you look. Share the love!


9. You catch their partner doing something dodgy.

And when I say dodgy, I mean you see them canoodling with that co-worker your mate ‘had nothing to worry about’. If you can refrain yourself from confronting the a***hole, you need to meet your bestie in person and break the news.


10. When you’re proud of them.

They got a new job, aced an application for a master’s course or just did something that made you heart burst with pride. Send those positive vibes loud and clear!


Image credit: Unsplash