Get to know dancer, model and one ninth of the second drop of our #allgirl squad, Sharifa…

What empowers you?

I think dance empowers me. If I go to a jam or battle and I can hold myself, then that’s empowering as well.

How would you describe yourself in 1 word?

Awkward (laughs).

What does girl power mean to you?

For me it’s being able to hold yourself in whatever situation you’re in. So I’m a dancer and I feel like I have girl power if I go to an event, but I will still rep and smoke you. It doesn’t make a difference that I’ve got boobs and I’m a female. For me that’s girl power and I think it’s really cool when no matter what you do and you can hold yourself as a female. No matter what you do whether you’re an artist, rapper, chef and especially when you do things that are mainly male dominated, I feel that you have girl power and can still do the best that you can do and represent women.

So I went to an event 2 years ago and there were barely and girls there, but I ended up winning the event. Girls in the audience were saying that I inspired them and that they’ve never seen a girl win a battle at this competition, and it made me feel really good.

What’s your life motto?

Good question. I’d say make the most of what you’ve got.