With so much stuff going on, the pressures of work and the media, we all go through periods of feeling a bit under the weather, in a funk or just damn right sad for no reason. Here’s how to give yourself the ultimate ‘lil refresher you need to perk yourself up…


1.Read an inspiring book

Or if you’re not an avid reader, watching an inspiring speech video on YouTube is equally as uplifting.

2. Drink hot water with lemon in the mornings

This helps digestions, flushes out the body and will set you up to having a healthy day instead of reaching for the chocolate and crisps when you’re feeling emotional. This is all ok in moderation but remember how much better you will feel for nourishing your body with fresh fruit and veggie goodness.

3. Go to the gym

Set out to do at least an hour. the gym releases endorphins, will make you more energetic and will clear your mind after a long day at work. Treat yourself to 15 minutes in the sauna/steam room afterwards to detoxify the body and relax your muscles.

4. Consult a friend

Your BFF signed up for this. She’s got your back and your own personal therapist. Make time, grab and coffee and let it all out.

5. Retail therapy

Budgeting sucks but a girl has gotta look good and I do crave that excited feeling when my package is waiting for me when you get home from work. Opening the packaging to my brand spanking new pair of shoes never felt so good!


A good old spring clean never hurt anyone. I love the feeling of filling up a big black bin bag full of clothes for the charity shop and throwing out old trinkets that are no longer needed making my room feel more spacious and making it feel like there’s more room in my life!

7. Book a spa day

Everyone needs some R+R from time to time. There are loads of spa deals online to choose from and these really help to clear the mind and focus on valuable time that you need to spend on yourself.

Photo Credit: Unsplash