Stuck for day date inspo with your squad? Welcome to your go-to guide when you have zero plans and not a clue what to do.


Road Trip

Make it your mission to head somewhere different every time, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, do that old school thing and throw a dart on a map (within reason obvs).


Duvet Day

Enough said. Grab the snacks, your comfiest gear and all the films.


Bottomless Brunch

Because it makes day drinking that lil’ bit more acceptable. Plus, we all know brunch club is the best club…


Play Tourist In A Place You Know

Each contribute a place to grab a coffee, eat or visit that you’ve not been to and re-discover somewhere you know together (with a camera roll of pics obvs).


Catch A Film

And never miss the trailers, we all know they’re one of the best bits…


Hit The Spa

And give yourselves the downtime you deserve.


Get Some Fresh Air

And even a lil’ lost on a country walk. Again, snacks essential.


Go To A Theme Park/Arcade

And release your inner child.


See Some Art

Most galleries are free – always a win.


Image credit: Unsplash