The New Workouts You Should Try

By Katie Forrester 

Gone are the days when going to the gym was a chore, we ALL want to better ourselves. With the endless variety of hybrid classes popping up, from ‘Reggae Reggae Yoga’ to ‘Slacklining’ our fit not thin girl gains are a hopscotch away.

If you’re guilty of classing ten minutes on the treadmill as your daily work out, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the latest empowering fitness trends set to take over.

Virtual Insanity

Think between your work commitments and social schedule, there’s little time for boot camp? Think again. Live stream workouts are like abs on tap. Virtual boxing is No.1 on our hot list thanks to girl crush Gigi Hadid. Her killer abs are kick a$$ motivation enough. 

Baby Steps

2016 saw us power planking until our elbows bled (and I speak from experience). But this year crawling is taking the world by storm as the ultimate strengthening and conditioning move to incorporate into your routine. Think like a panther and set your animal instincts free for a full body workout that’s totally gaga.

Take The Plunge

Water workouts just got wet ‘n’ wild. From aqua-spin to hydro-circuits, the body resistance of a Swimsanity sesh will wave goodbye to those thunder thighs. I’m joining the mermaid club RN.

Twerk It Out

If you spend many a night in the mirror singing into your hairbrush, those ‘gotta get him out my hair’ moments can be perfected on the gym floor. ‘Seen on Screen’ is the only way to drop it like a squat. Learn to bokwa like Beyonce and strut your stuff at a masterclass near you.

Catching Zzzs 

If you’re always plugged into your device, it’s time to power down and recharge. We’re all aware of our bodies but tend to neglect our minds. Your mantra is all about disconnecting from daily distractions and making time for rest and recuperation. Yoga by candlelight, hydrotherapy flotation tanks and nap classes are big news. Sleep has always been the best meditation but now switching off is the new way to shape up.

Image credit: Unsplash