Alcohol and ice cream are two of our fave things – so we went pretty cray-cray when we saw that this bar was only going and combining them both together. *DROOLS*

New York City’s Tipsy Scoop serves up alcohol ‘n’ ice cream in its unique BARlour – blending all of the best flavours for a scrummy boozy treat. Think mouthwatering sorbets, fashion forward blends and classic old fashioned cocktail flavours. MMM-HMMM.

And what’s even better – your alcoholic ice cream comes served up in various insta-worthy options, including an ice-cream sandwich, sprinkled covered shot glasses and even cute pineapple shaped holders.

This bar literally looks like the best place to visit with your bestie, talk about ice cream to die fo’. Don’t suppose anyone fancies a road trip to NY?

Photo Credit: Instagram