The Carrie Bradshaw in all of us can confirm that all women love a fabulous pair of shoes. Here is why our beloved heels will always be our ultimate BFF…

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1. They help complete everry outfit

There ain’t no outfit really ready without a pair of strappy heels – let’s be real here


2. They give us a sense of confidence

Anyone else thinking of ‘bend and snap?’ Strut your stuff girl!


3. Clothes can be annoying when it comes to size…

But good ol’ heels have never let us down, amiright?


4. There’s a type out there for everyone

Whether it’s a wedge, stiletto or a block – heels are SRSLY versatile


5. They help compliment your personality

Wild or subtle, low-key or extra – heels are all about expressing yo’self


6. And, let’s not forget how amazing your legs and bum look in them

You legit feel like you can give Beyoncé a run for her money in these babies


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