There’s not much you can buy for 1p, so when we were told you got could a gin for little, we checked our cals to see if it was April 1st. But no, this is legit.



Oscars gin bar, in Stockton is offering just that. As a thank you to their loyal customers, the venue will give those feeling the pinch post-Christmas, can grab a shot of gin for just 1p. Now you need to be there on a Thursday and it has to be their second drink. Whilst gin is a £1 before 10pm every Friday. The offer’s faced some criticism with drink awareness being flagged but a spokesperson for the bar said: “We thought that whilst people are hard-up in January, we would give them the chance to come and enjoy a gin for a fraction of the price.”



If you wanna count the pennies (AND drink safe), the bar’s off Prince Regent Street and overs 100s of gins to choose from.



Image credit: Unsplash