The most wonderful time of the year is here. Love it or loathe it, here’s seven people you’ll most definitely meet this Christmas. 

1. The Christmas Lover

The obvious one to spot. They’ll be counting down the days the minute Halloween’s over, blasting Mariah Carey come November and turkey will be one of their five a day. If you need some last min Xmas spirit, spend a sec with them.

2. The Friend You Only See Once A Year

Each year you promise to make more of an effort but would you look at that? 365 days have passed and your only communication has been a drunken Whatsapp or a meme tagging. But when you’re back together it’s like no time’s passed at all.


3. The One Who’s Obsessed With Tradition

And yes that involves the pets getting dressed up too. THEY LOVE IT OK.

4. The Festive Grinch

Their fave thing about Christmas? When it’s over…



5. The One That ‘Grams Everything

It’s like you’re spending Christmas with them. Even if you’re 57 miles away. Not a day will go by without turkey, tinsel or gifts on their ‘gram.



6. The Romantic

Whether singular or the lovey dovey couple, get ready for the #boydidgood hashtag to surface. IT’S THAT TIME PEOPLE.



7. The Drunk One

And no judgement here. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?



GIF source: Giphy