A good portion of the galdem would be lying if they said they’d never fallen victim to drunk texting. Despite your mates trying to intervene, this sin is usually committed when you’re feeling sad, when you’re feeling happy, and everywhere in between. In fact, it usually starts along the lines of…


1. You make a pact with your BFFs during prinks

You solemnly swear that you will not text Brad during girl’s night. We all know you’re lying


2. You start to get cravings

En route to the club, stood in the queue, at the cloakrooms. Those all familiar cravings start to set in, but you keep your cool


3. Drink = Distraction

You head to the bar and order a few doubles as well as a shot round for your mates. Who needs boys when you have tequila?


4. Dancefloor Doubts

Despite throwing the best shapes in the club, the cravings to text Brad are getting stronger. Maybe a trip to the bathroom will calm you down


5. Bathroom Antics

This was a bad idea. You’re surrounded by girls either crying over lame boys or bragging about their SO. Maybe one text won’t hurt, he needs to know how you feel, right?


6. The Showdown

You’re drafting out the drunk text to end all drunk texts. At this point, your mates are either trying to reason with your or they’re proof reading. Either way, they’ve got your back


7. The Uber Home

Text sent, you feel smug and empowered as you head home. Whether he’s ghosted, behaved like a f*** boy, or forgotten to take the bins out, you’ve shown him, you sassy thing you


8. The Next Morning

There is no greater fear than beer fear. Hazily, you begin damage control from last night and swear you’ll never do it again. Until next weekend of course


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