Yep this isn’t a drill. It’s basically Willy Wonka IRL and we want a piece of the action. As of right now, Cadbury’s have started an egg hunt that’s more than a lil’ bit extra. Among all their reg creme eggs are some very special limited edition versions.


Until 1st April 2018, if you find one of their exclusive white eggs, there’s a chance you can win some cash. Ranging from £100 all the way to £2,000, it’s a game worth playing. They’ll be hidden in the usual packaging and there’s only one egg worth the top prize with just over 30 others worth the dollar.


They’ll be sold in your usual supermarkets, Tesco Express, Sainsbury’s Local, Co-op and your local newsagents and corner shops. If you think you’ve got a winner all you gotta do is call up the number on your foil or send off to Cadbury’s and keep your fingers crossed. So, what you waiting for? Get hunting!