The dreaded day has arrived. You’ve spent the summer being young, wild and free and doing pretty much whatever the hell you want. The time you’ve been hoping would never come has crept up faster than ever. Here’s the stages you’re gonna SRSLY relate to…

1. Serious denial

You know in the back of your mind it’s coming and you NEED to face reality, but that ain’t gonna happen any time soon

2. The attempt at getting organised 

After countless hints from your ‘rents about sorting your life out, it may be the time to actually listen to them for once

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3. Setting THAT alarm

Probably THE most painful part of this process, goodbye endless lie-ins *sob sob*

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4. Crying into your cornflakes

It should be ILLEGAL to be up at this time!?

5. Trying to keep yourself together

You’re deffo still sleepin’ with your eyes open and you are so not mentally prepped for what is to come

6. Being reunited with your girl gang

The one positive of going back to school, you’re back with your gals and you have SO much to catch up on

7. 0 brain power

Ummm… so you may have forgotten everythiny you learnt up until this point. It’s been a while, OKAY!?

8. Contemplating your life choices

Would my parents reeeeally mind if I decide to hibernate for the winter?

Get ready to do this aaaaall again tomorrow.


Image Credit: GIPHY