Image Credit: @disneylandparis / @disneyprincesses

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. You could become a REAL Disney princess. In actual real life. In a princess dress. Nope, we ain’t joking – put down everything you’re doing and listen up gals…

Disneyland Paris are on their way to the UK to find some girls and guys fit to play princess and prince characters. Okay, they’ve officially got our attention.

The advert on the website said they “are looking for enthusiastic and energetic people to animate the famous Disney characters”

They also said: “We are looking for people who look like our famous Princesses and Princes to meet our visitors on a daily basis. A good level of dance and distinctive criteria of resemblance are required” – We need to get brushing up on our dance skills ASAP.

The ad also says you need to be between 137cm and 193cm tall, but they did add that “if you are not sure of your height, try your luck as you will be measured during the audition.” THIS IS PROOF that Disney will never crush your dreams!

The job starts in October 2017, so make yourself available right now. They have actually asked you not to wear make-up for the audition and to bring joggers along… this is practically us every weekend so this ain’t a problem!

The audition is taking place in Leeds, go and check out their website for more info.



Image Credit: Instagram / GIPHY