8 Signs You’re Turning Into Your Mum


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1. You’re a feeder

If you’re having the girls round or your work wife hits that 3pm slump, you’re on hand with snacks galore. Go on, one more won’t hurt.


8 Signs You’re Turning Into Your Mum

2. You hoard Tupperware 

You can’t open your cupboards without the attack of the plastic containers but throwing them out is unthinkable.


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3. Your best night out is a night in

Sure, happy hour seems great at the time but the morning after when you wake up with a killer hangover? Not so much. We’ll be Netflix and (actually) chilling, thanks.


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4. You keep snacks in your bag

You never know when you’ll need those rice cakes.


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5. You need regular updates from your BFFs

How did that date go? Text me when you’re home etc. etc.


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6. Your handbag is huge

It’s full of secrets, duh – and tissues, makeup, an umbrella, hairbrush (and of course, snacks.)


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7. Buying shoes comes down to comfort

If they’re higher than four inches you don’t wanna know. Flats are overrated, right?


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8. No food goes to waste

Why do you think you own so many Tupperware?



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by Sisi Ncube