6 Ways To Help You Sleep Better

At night I can’t sleep – in the morning I can’t wake up

We’ve all been there. Trying to get a balance between your work, social and home life, with time to spare for the gym can be exhausting alone, but if you’re struggling to switch off at bedtime it won’t be long until you’re fully burnt out.


Getting a good nights’ kip doesn’t just feel good, it’s doing us some good too. Catching some serious z’s can keep our heart, weight and mind in check. Giving your body time to regenerate raises your attention span and can increase our lifespan too. And don’t let your man get in the way of your weekend lie-in. It’s proven that women need a full eight hours so our brain can recover from all the multi-tasking we do. The key is making time and prioritising bedtime as part of your daily routine which means the BF is on breakfast in bed duties! Hell yeah.


Our social addiction has gone from zero to hero in the last few years but is partially to blame for us feeling fuzzy. Put down the counting sheep aps and turn your phone on silent for a peaceful night minus the buzz kill.


Your bedroom should be the ultimate chill sanctuary. Think cosy throws, cotton sheets and fluffy pillows galore. Turn bedtime into relaxation ritual, run yourself a hot bath with lavender oil, light a candle, put on some fresh PJ’s and unwind.


If your head hits that pillow and your brain throws a slumber party, you’re gonna be in for a long night? Think again. Grab a pad and write down all your ideas. Knowing they’re there in the morning to come back to will allow you to switch off.


Put your yoga skills into practice in the bedroom. Get comfortable, close your eyes, drop your shoulders, relax your jaw, but keep your mouth gently closed. Breathe in through your nose and focus on the breath. Before you know it you’ll be in a mindful state, dosing off to dreamland.


The Feng Shui of your bedroom might be responsible for your insomnia? True story.
The amount of sleep we get determines our energy levels the following day and studies show our room décor may be to blame. Vibrant colours are a no-go as they reflect the light and interrupt our sleeping pattern; they also amplify emotion which can stimulate brain activity when it’s time to power down. A spot of colour therapy can work wonders for clocking in a full forty winks and we’ll wake up with a spring in our step too!