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Once yo’ get into that comfortable stage in your relationship, there’s literally no going back. But hey – if they can’t handle you at your worst they don’t deserve you at your best, amiright? Here’s the signs you’re totes comfy with your BAE…


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1. Make-up seems less of a necessity

Of course we all like getting dressed up. But spending 20 minutes on your contour to sit in and watch a movie? Nah, not anymore!


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2. Pretty much everything they do has annoyed you at some point

But despite their flaws, you still love them. You deserve a medal really


 parks and recreation talk leslie knope ron swanson annoying GIF

3. You miss quiet time by yourself

But you also can’t go 10 minutes without talking to them. It’s a vicious circle


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4. Oh, and being afraid to double text?

Ha! That’s a thing of the past *sends 82832093829 messages in a row*


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5. Sharing food

Because it means you get to eat off of two plates. Win win


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6. Burping

Who needs to hold it in anymore?


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7. No more walking on eggshells

You’ve both established you are in it for the long-run so you can tell them how you really feel


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8. Most importantly, you’re comfortable and secure in the fact you both know you love each other

Looks like you’re stuck with each other now…


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