Being alone at Christmas doesn’t mean that you’ll have to spend the month watching others getting amorous under Mistletoe. In fact, Christmas is the perf time of year to spend time with your squad. With all the activities available and festive cheer in the air, there’s plenty to do to fill up your calendar.


1. Visit a Christmas Market

One of the best parts about Christmas is the markets, and they never fail to deliver each year. Whether it’s your local town centre or in a major city, wrap up warm and drink all the mulled wine.


2. Have a Festive Movie Marathon

There’s plenty of Christmas classics to binge watch in December, such as Love Actually, Home Alone or The Holiday. Invite your girls over and crack open the chocs.


3. Bake!

Nominate someone’s kitchen, put together a kitty and buy all the baking sprinkles at the supermarket. The result? Plenty of cakes and cookies that you would make Mary Berry proud.


4. Volunteer for a good cause

Whether that’s helping out at a soup kitchen, visiting an animal shelter, or organising a shoe box round up, giving back to the community with your friends is all part of the Christmas spirit.


5. Decorate your house together

Who doesn’t love putting up Christmas decorations? Get your squad over, play some festive tunes and deck the halls with bells of holly. Or baubles.


6. Go Ice Skating

Whether you’re a pro or like Bambi on the ice, you’re guaranteed to have a laugh with your friends. Head down to your nearest rink and don’t forget to take some snaps!

7. Hit up the towns Christmas Light Switch On

Sure, it’s crowded AF and full of children, but there’s something magical about fairy lights shining on a cold winter’s night. Plus, you can visit the pub afterwards.


8. Christmas Carolling

Whether your trawl your neighbourhood or have a sing song over a few drinks, nothing gets you more in the mood for Christmas than singing those old school hymns.


9. Shop for Christmas Presents

Hitting up the shops during the holiday period can be tricky, but if you go with your friends, the experience can be pretty fun! Just make sure you wear trackers to locate each other amongst the madness.


10. Go to the Pantomime

Nourish the child within and visit your local Pantomime for all the giggles on a budget. You never know, you might bump into your very own Prince Charming.


Image source: Unsplash