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Autumn means colder weather, hot chocolate and most importantly, HALLOWEEN. Our fave spooky season is finally upon us and we’ve listed the 5 stages every gal goes through in the run up to October 31st…


1. The initial excitement

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Since the minute you saw the first orange leaf on the ground you’ve been buyin’ pumpkins to carve and mentally planning your killer outfit.


2. Finding the costume

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There’s 2 types of people when it comes to Halloween outfits: Those who’ve been planning since September and go all out to SLAY…


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…and those who just CBA. We’ve all got that friend who goes as ‘something dark’ every year.


3. The sugar overload

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Is it even Halloween if you don’t over-do it on the sugary sweets? We miss the days of trick-or treating when sugary goodness was literally dropped into our hands.


4. Watching scary films

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Getting your pals round for a scary movie marathon is essential for getting into the proper Halloween spirit… and turning it into a sleepover when you’re all too scared to sleep on your own.


5. Deciding where to go

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To go out, or to house party? Tryin’ to get the squad to all decide on somewhere takes most of October.


6. When its over

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Before you know it it’s all over, but you know you get to do it all again next year.

By Sophie Graham