This is the one time twice a year we fashion junkies get to completely be ourselves so of course we get caught up in the excitement and forget to plan for those embarrassing moments that are likely to occur! Not to worry, we’ve got your back…

Here are 6 Faux Pas to avoid during FW…

1. Inappropriate Footwear 

Wear comfy shoes, or at least bring your flats. You need to be able to maneuver your way through the crowded streets at a swift pace because you might only have ten minutes between shows! And if you are thinking of hailing a cab: FORGET ABOUT IT! 

Faux Pas To Avoid At FW

2. Always check the weather report

The weather is fickle. One minute it’s warm and sunny and in the blink of an eye it starts raining and drops to a serious chill factor. Annoying and not to mention it can ruin a good outfit!

Faux Pas To Avoid At FW

3. Purse Essentials

Repeat after me: a back-up battery/charger. Your phone needs that juice so you can Snapchat all day erryday and take awesome selfies! The rest? Lipstick for touch ups, your ID, credit card, some cash, and a flat shoe!

Faux Pas To Avoid At FW

4. Train Delays

Delays are inevitable so plan ahead. It’s better to be early for a show than late. And remember nobody likes a pusher so keep your cool, plan your schedule, and stick to it.

Faux Pas To Avoid At FW

5. Know How To Pronounce The Designer’s Names

This is by far one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to you. We get it, pronouncing some of theses names are a struggle so watch a couple of YouTube videos before the show and if you still can’t say it, just DON’T!

Faux Pas To Avoid At FW

6. Forgetting Your Invite

This should be the first thing you check because there’s no point going without your invite unless your only goal is getting snapped by street photogs. If so make sure your outfit’s on point

Faux Pas To Avoid At FW

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