He’s brought sexy back more times than we can count and we’ve cried many rivers knowing we’ll never get to be Jessica Biel, but song puns aside, here’s 13 times, JT won at life. That man can do no wrong.

1. When he reenacted ‘Single Ladies’

With Queen bey herself



2. When he was a part of our fave 90s boyband

They teared up our heart when they broke up



3. When he always played the joker

Photobombing Hollywood actresses on the daily



4. When his family went all out for fancy dress

And nailed it every time



5. And again…

The bar has been set



6. When he said it how it is

Fair enough



7. When this became a meme

The start of May will never be the same again



8. And he memed himself




Here we come!! And DAMN, my wife is hot! #TIMESUP #whywewearblack

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9. When he gushed about his wife




10. When he got overexcited

And was just like us



11. When he prank called a toy shop

As you do…



12. When he uploaded cute AF posts like this

Cuteness alert



13. And proved he was the ultimate hubby

Where do we get one of those?