Forget what they say. Jan gets a bad rep. Here’s 8 reasons the first month of the year will be your best.


1. The Shortest Day Has Passed

Which means one thing. Spring is that lil’ bit closer


2. But You Can Basically Hibernate ‘Til Then

“Wanna go out?” can easily be answered “no” when it’s minus figures outside and Netflix just added eight new shows.

3. Award Season Is Almost Here

Think. of. all. the. dresses.


4. Which Means Killer Films Are Coming

Pre-warn your boo that this will now be their lives.

5. You’ve Got That Clean Slate Mantra

Wanna take up a new hobby? Switch up your mindset? Or simply start again. Use the NY as a chance to do just that.


6. Cheap Food This Way…

A lot of restaurants do food deals and even half price menus in Jan so grab the squad and work your way around your local city.

7. Treat Yo’Self

Sales will probs still be on so if there’s a time to gift yourself, it’s now bae. You’ve got through another year – that’s reason enough amiright?


8. Get That Passport

A new year means time to plan those trips. Summer in Santorini, a weekend in Berlin – the world’s your Oyster girl. Get booking!


Image credit: Unsplash