Sometimes its hard to spot a wrong ‘un, but if you see any of the early signs he’s a f*ck boy, its time to say boy bye.

1. You’ve heard a lot of negative sh*t about him.

Okay, we know, innocent until proven guilty right? But if he’s renowned having a bad boy rep you gotta keep your guard up.

2. He has a terrible track record with girlfriends.

Tell me now, was his ex a “psycho” before or after she met him? This boy is basically famous for making girls cray-cray.\

3. He constantly blows hot and cold with you.

So he’s chatty as hell when he’s flying solo, but barely acknowledges you when he’s with the lads.


4. He likes every girls Insta selfie without fail.

You wanna think he’s just being a supportive soul, but we all know he’s just creepin’ really.


5. He doesn’t like “labels”.

Oh yeah, the classic f*ck boy is just happy with how “things are going”, and he deffo doesn’t want to confirm to any kinda label.


6. He’s all about the booty call.

That 2am “you up?” text or the classic “you out tonight?” message are so familiar RN you’re having de-ja-vu.


7. He makes you feel like you’re always in the wrong.

F*ck boys are v talented at manipulating situations and making you feel like you’ve done something wrong, even when you haven’t.


8. He causes way too much drama.

Whether you’ve had a row with one of his side chicks in the smoking area or he’s already made you cry, guys that cause trouble ain’t worth the stress.

9. He’s only interested in one thang.


10. You don’t get good vibes about this guy.

If your inner girl instincts are telling you he’s a d*ck, trust that he probably is. Tell ’em boy bye!


GIF source: Giphy