In life, there are certain rules we have to abide by. Stop at a red light. Get to work on time. Don’t have the same crush as your bestie. You know, the important stuff.

When it comes to girl code, it’s no different. And just in case you’ve forgotten, here are the unwritten rules every friendship follows…

Lift each other up

Like the selfie, compliment the shoes, congratulate the promotion. Get it girl.

Snacks are for sharing

It’s called share bag for a reason – hand ’em over.

Never mute the group chat

A meme. A Snapchat screenshot. Them telling you they’ve just seen their ex with lipstick on their teeth. You never know what you could be missing.

Have opposite ‘good sides’

For perfect selfies every time.

Always say yes to happy hour


But also to leaving early to get cheesy chips

Fries over guys, people.

Be the best wing woman you can be

Bring your flirting A-game. Even if it does mean entertaining Neil from I.T. while she’s grinding on his 10/10 mate.

And also the best get out clause for bar creeps

“She’s pregnant/ got four kids at home/ we’re actually married” – delete where appropriate.

Don’t let them text their ex

Or at least laugh with them the morning after when you’re reading through the messages.

Like everything on Instagram

Double tapping erry’where.

Always split an Uber

Even if you live on opposite sides of town.

Image credit: Unsplash