We’re back with Gaby from Gaby Owl with all her answers to our Paris questions. After the amazing video we shared with you earlier this week, we are dying to find out more about all her favourite places!  

It’s perfect to be cute and trendy as parisian women are, if you want to go out at day or at night…

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How would you describe your city?

Even though I wasn’t born in Paris, it is the city I belong to, the one I love like my first love. The city that makes me dream with its narrow streets and Haussmann buildings, the one that still leaves me speechless when looking at the Eiffel Tower and its incredible and unique houses, the one that makes me proud when I say that’s where I live.

But Paris is also those unusual places, the not very well known, small boutiques that you would not find anywhere else, its beauty and its poetic aspects. I am one of those who, for a long time, hated being part of such a big crowd, the constant traffic jam. I would only see the negative side of the city and let it take over the magnificence of the city.  Now this magnificence is the only thing I see; its softness, its craziness too and its youth. Paris, it’s a bit like a first love, the one you never forget, that you sometimes hate but for who you will always have a soft spot.

What are the best spots to Instagram?

Place A is a small Parisian boutique next to Anvers which is so Instagramable! The walls are covered with Yankee Candles, it’s really nice. The glass roof of the workshop, all the small ornaments around the store and the astonishing floor made of wood and tiles will never stop to amaze me!

I also like Le Perchoir just above the BHV next to Hotel de Ville. It’s really well located with a roof top bar where they serve amazing platters to eat but also to Instagram shamelessly! The tropical and cosy atmosphere with its wooden walls and palm trees is the best to give that summery feel to your feed! The view on Paris roofs and the Eiffel tower is incredible, especially when you manage to be there for sunset. You don’t want to miss this!

3 things you see all the time that are unique to your city

The narrow streets in the Marais, the old yet still impressive metro network and the energy just as romantic as electric that you can feel at all time when wandering around the capital.

Best new thing to do in 2016?

Without a single doubt this will have to be La Fédération Francaise de l’Apéro in the 10th district! They have literally just opened and I already spend most of my time there. It’s a small grocery shop dedicated to apéritif (you know that first drink or two you have before dinner in France?) – all made in France! You’ll find cold meat, cheese, beers, wine and everything you need for a good time with friends or family. After all, there’s nothing like apéro!

The best restaurants for foodies

My favourite of all is Square Marcadet in the 18th district – you’ll get the best brunch in Paris with the cutest indoor garden: super cosy and straight out of your Pinterest moodboard!
I also love The Frog at the Bibliothèque Francois Mitterand in the 13th. It’s such an adorable place, super trendy with really good music and burgers to die for.
Finally I like Eugène Eugène in Puteaux, I’m crazy about the laid-back atmosphere they have created in this loft. It’s the perfect place for a drink or dinner, I just love this place.

Favourite park or nature spot

I love Bercy Park. It is just superb, quite big but not far from where I live so I spend quite a lot of time there. Thanks to the modern footbridge you can get to the Bibliothèque Francois Mitterrand in no time, which is the place I like the most in Paris. You can also go directly on the docks by the Seine, a must see of the capital!

Your secret hot spots

I have been obsessed with Birdy for the past few years – it’s a small boutique in the Marais.  They only sell unique creations which are absolutely superb! Beautiful gold jewellery, just what I like! All my earrings are from there! I spend so much time there and always stop by for a quite look when I’m wandering around the cute streets of this neighbourhood.

Why you love living there

Paris is far from being a big city like New York and still, despite the fact that I have been living here for the past 20years, I keep discovering new things about it. You just need to meet someone new to share those places you cherish with to realise there are still so many new things to see. It’s impossible to go around in circles! I could spend all my Sundays wandering around without a map, just one foot after the other, my eyes wide open…


All those lovely descriptions sound like a dream! Thank you so much Gaby for this and the sharing these hot spots. What are your favourite places in Paris?



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